How to Participate

How Do I Start a New Discussion Thread?

First, navigate to the community in which you want to post. Then click on Discussion located at the top of the community homepage.

Then click the Post New Message button located at the top of the community discussion thread list.

How Do I Respond to Other's Posts?

To respond to a discussion post, navigate to the discussion post and click “Reply” to send your message to the entire community.

To send a message only to the author of the post, click the arrow and select “Reply Privately” (located in the Reply to Discussion” drop-down). 

We recommend replying to the sender for simple comments like “me, too” that add little value to the overall discussion; and replying to the entire community when you are sharing knowledge, experience or resources that other EMDRIA members could benefit from.


How Do I Follow a Thread?

From your Feed:

To follow a discussion thread that you find interesting in your feed, click on the three dots in the right corner and then click "Follow".

From a discussion thread:

If you are in a community and would like to follow a discussion thread, go to the original post and click the Follow star at the top of the page.

Once you follow a discussion thread, you will receive notifications every time new content is added to the thread.  

To unfollow a discussion thread, click on the three dots in the right corner and then click "Unfollow"

or click the star at the top of the page so it is no longer blue.

How Do I Share a Community Library Resource?

You can share resources with your fellow community members by uploading files to the community library. 

You can upload a file to the library two ways:

1. Creating a library entry from the community homepage.
2. By attaching a file to your post.

When you share a resource, please be sure you are following the community code of coduct.

How Do I Search for a Community Library Resource?

Each forum in the EMDRIA Online Community has its own library of any resources shared by community members. 

You can access these resources three ways:

1. Go to the homepage and use the Recently Shared Quick Links on the right side of the page.

2. Click on Community Library Entries under the Browse tab at the top of the page.

3. Navigate to a community and click on Library on the forum homepage.

How Do I Connect with Another Community Member?

The EMDRIA Online Community is a great place to connect with other members. The member directory includes all active EMDRIA members who have not opted-out (see privacy settings to control what others see in the directory).

You can use the member directory to send a contact request or direct message to another member by clicking on the buttons next to someone's name in the search results.

Or you can send a contact request from a discussion post by clickinging on the actions menu under someone's profile picture or by clicking on their name in a discussion post.