How to Access/Join Communities

What are Communities?

Communities allow you to participate in forum discussions and share resources with other EMDRIA members in that forum. You will only be able to post if you are an active member of EMDRIA.  All EMDRIA members are added to the Central Forum automatically. 

What Communities Do I Belong To?

Go to “Communities” in the main navigation bar at the top of the page. Select “My Communities” to view the communities you currently belong to.

You can also use the My Communities Quick List on the left side of the homepage.  This section shows communities you have joined. Click "View All Communities" to view the complete list of your communities.

How Do I Join a Community?

Click on “Communities” in the main navigation bar and click on “All Communities” in order to see a list of available EMDRIA communities. Click on the community that you wish to join and simply click “Join”, then choose a delivery option for posts (Real Time, Daily Digest or No Email).

You can also use the Community Quick Links to take you to the list of available EMDRIA communities.

Once you have joined a community, you can see your status and email notification preferences by clicking on the settings button on the community homepage.