Jane McCampbell

Jane McCampbell, MA, LMFT
Jane McCampbell, MA, LMFT

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Jane McCampbell, MA, LMFT
821 Raymond Ave
Ste 325
Saint Paul, MN
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Work: 612-414-0383


Jane McCampbell is a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified EMDR therapist. She received her master’s degree from Bethel Seminary in St Paul, MN. She specializes in treating trauma, PTSD, grief, anxiety and relational issues. She works with both individuals and couples.

Her approach to therapy is drawn from both systems and attachment theories, which means she attends to the family of origin of each client and their relationships with primary attachment figures. She believes that our expectations of the world and others in it are significantly impacted by our early-life experiences, and frequently observes how interactional patterns come down the generations and play out in our adult relationships.

Jane uses an educational style that promotes understanding of how we all come by our issues honestly, enabling greater compassion for ourselves, for others, and for our shared humanity.

Jane is originally from London, England and has been in the U.S. since 2002. For many years she volunteered in central London at a 24-hour helpline and drop-in center for the suicidal and despairing. Therapy is her second career following 17 successful years in business, ranging from small start-ups to multi-national corporations. In addition to her practice, she serves as a board member for EMDRIA and teaches in a local marriage and family therapy graduate program.

For more information, or to speak with Jane regarding an appointment, call 612 414 0383 or visit her website at