The Body in EMDR Therapy: Essential Skills

Friday, March 3, 2017

Presenter: Catherine Lidov, LCW

Approved for 12 EMDRIA Credits

The Body in EMDR Therapy: Essential Skills

In EMDR Therapy, reprocessing starts and ends with the body. From “where do you feel the disturbance in your body?” to the Body Scan, the body is always integral to successful reprocessing. While work often occurs at the somatic level with little direct attention, many of the stuck points in EMDR therapy revolve around body experiences. Understanding the physiological experience of trauma will guide you through the stuck points and open doors to reprocessing implicit memory. This workshop is about seeing and making sense of what is already present in EMDR therapy — the physical body — sharpening your focus and augmenting your skills for more effective treatment. Participants in this training will learn two conceptual frameworks for our neurophysiological responses to fear and trauma, integrate those frameworks with the phases and stages of EMDR therapy, and practice specific skills to strengthen the felt sense of safety, maintain the window of tolerance during reprocessing, resolve stuck points related to somatic experience, and access and reprocess implicit memory (body memory).


Hilton Garden Inn
Durham, NC



Catherine Lidov