EMDR Toolbox: EMDR AIP Model for Complex PTSD & Dissociative Personality Structure

Friday, March 3 - Saturday, March 4, 2017

Presenter: Jim Knipe, Ph.D.

Approved for 14 EMDRIA Credits

EMDR Toolbox: Using the EMDR AIP Model for Treating Adult Clients with Complex PTSD & Dissociative Personality Structure


The goals of this workshop will be: 1) to develop an overview of an Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model of the treatment of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other dissociative conditions; and 2) to articulate specific EMDR therapeutic approaches to better resolve the psychological "knots" or "tangles" that impede progress. For example, several methods will be described, and illustrated, for safely accelerating therapeutic progress with clients presenting with avoidance, idealization, and shame defenses. In addition, methods will be described of using focused sets of bilateral stimulation to facilitate contact, communication, and integration among dissociated personality parts. Interventions will be presented not only in lecture format, but also in video case examples. 


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Tulane University - Lavin Bernick Center
201 Boggs
New Orleans, LA 70118



Carol Miles